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Spider Man 3 5/4/07

My next idea influenced by the people I’ve talked to and have been doing different things with…

Spider Man 3

Apparently, Seattle stopped have Line Parties after I moved out of state. Too bad, even if the movie wasn’t all that great the line parties were. What’s a line party? A group of people get together to see a movie and while spending an hour (and often more) waiting for the movie either at a local Denny’s but more often in line (hence Line Parties) and the group proceeds to have wacky fun…

For Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, different people stood in line until a few hours before the show. Once we were approximately 2 or 3 hours away, one of the Line Partiers flipped open the back of his truck where him, his wife and a few others had BBQ a small smorgasbord and brought soda, water and Mountain Dew look-a-like bottles filled with Tequila and orange juice.

Those days were fun and I know they’re never return, but I am looking forward to Spider Man 3 – anyone interested in doing Denny’s and seeing the movie?

This was the only theater I could find in Hollywood. Because I know a few people work late hours I’m setting a late time.
I will buy the tickets Tuesday May 1st - HOWEVER - once I have bought a ticket for you – I will consider you committed to paying me back. Sorry, gotta be a bitch on this one, I’m a working gurl.

  • Friday May 4th, 2007

  • Pacific's The Grove 14 (2.5 mi)

  • 189 The Grove Drive at Third Street

  • Los Angeles, CA 90036 Map

  • 10:20pm or 11:00pm

FYI: I’m talking with a couple of others about seeing Wicked at The Pantages Theatre on or around June 1st to June 15th - let me know if you would be interested.

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