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The Tenth Annual Fantasy Masquerade Ball
July 13th & 14th, 2007

To celebrate our Tenth Annual Masquerade Ball, we're offering
Two Enchanting Nights within the Court
at the historic Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre
On the Hollywood Walk of Fame
6126 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA

Doors open at 8pm - introduction at 9pm
Costumes or Masks are Mandatory!
Imaginative costumes fitting the Court are highly recommended.

Tickets available now at:

In this update: May 2007

More New Acts upon the Royal Stage:
Lucent Dossier : Stilt Circus : Orbis Lazuli

LOJ 2007 Tickets are now shipping | Limited Edition Coins Minted
Aswe begin shipping the coins and ticket orders, we realize that thisyear is the largest turnout to date. For those who have already orderedtickets and Grande Packages, expect to see your tickets arriving thisMonth.

LOJ Pre-Show Tickets: ( more information ).
ONLY a few tickets remain for FRIDAY - Tickets for the Pre-Show are EXTREMELY limited and every year they go FAST. Saturday Pre-Show tickets sold out in record time, so don't wait, Friday tickets won't last much longer. Purchase your Pre-show ticket now.

2007 LoJ Hotel : (more information)
he Marriott Renaissance Hollywood Hotel is hosting the official LOJ Room Blocks and filling up fast. For more information, and to reserve your room, go here:( LOJ Renaissance Room Blocks )

ABOUT the LoJ Masquerade : (more information)
The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade is a fantasy event of unique character and inspiration. Costumes or formal wear and mask are required to enter the event. Costumes range from faeries and goblins to beautiful Victorian garb, elaborate armors, and period attire along with a host of fantasy creatures and characters. We encourage imagination and diverse interaction. Each year, Sypher Art Studios hosts the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade to pay homage to our inspirations and submerge our patrons in a special event of art, music, dance and enchantment


New Areas: We're expanding into a new secret areas within our labyrinthine court. . . The spirits of elvish waters and forgotten trees whisper along the edge of faerie glades with three stages of live music and performances, a host of actors and musicians including:

Lucent Dossier :Our new friends from the wild uncharted expanse of distant dreams andVaudeville callings are bringing their exotic performance and music tothe Labyrinthian Court for the first time.

Desert Sin: The Realms of Faerie are explored within the passion of dance by the hauntingly beautiful dance troop, Desert Sin. Performing live at the masquerade, Desert Sin is a stunning addition to the beauty and flare of our court.

Sylphirance:The artistic hands and orchestrations of Sylphirance are placed uponthe stage to whisper stories and glimpses of surrealistic glades andnoble creations under enchanted twilight.

Stilt Circus: Acrobatic antics blend with Sylphirance's stylings to create a new dimension of entertainment within the court.

Tresk: The ambient and orchestral surroundings so carefully crafted to set the stage for Sylphirance's elaborate weavings.

Drop Black Sky: The musical dreamscapes of Drop Black Sky under the flutter of gossamer wings.

Orbis Lazuli:An intimate performance of music and dance from the new fae creaturesof Orbis Lazuli, where songs and tides blend in the Royal Court.

High Priestess: Harp and drum under moonlit skies within the hidden Temple.

Sypher Art Studios :Your hosts and creators of Sypher's Noble Court are setting theirchisels upon new art and sculpture for hands to touch and eyes tobehold.

Go to the Labyrinth of Jareth Website for more information

Sypher update – May 15th, 2007.

Now tis time for the fine print: First, we manually clean and cater to this email, so if you don’t want to be here, just politely email us and we’ll kick you off.
Send an email to: UNSUBSCRIBE

Injust two months the flood gates open for the tenth year of thesecelebrations and our hands are quite busy to the task. To brighterinspirations and aspirations we keep our eyes and set the pace withfurious vigor. But there's also a time to enjoy the moments you have mydear friends. Gaze about the duties of the day and admire what can beaccomplished when your friends and lovers are side by side.

AsI write this, we're placing our hands upon the largest amounts of clayand stone that we've ever had in Sypher Studios. Chipping and stitchingthrough the days and night to build this singular focus for us all toenjoy. (BTW: We're making quite the mess so if you know a good soap torecommend, we're listening).

Well, there is much to do and time always burns so very quickly my friends. Keep your eyes bright and your dreams even brighter. The surrounding world shall beam with your subtle inspirations added into its hues. . .

Those hues and tribes united shall forge these dreams more solid than before.

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