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This Saturday - Vertigo

Cemetery Screenings
Hollywood Forever
6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at gower

May 26th 2007
Alfred Hitchcock (1958)

From the website:
directed by alfred Hitchcock (1958, Universal, 124 min.)
Hitchcock’s most haunting and surreal film is perhaps his greatest. Police detective Scotty Ferguson (Stewart) retires after a traumatic incident gives him a debilitating fear of heights. An old college buddy hires him to follow his beautiful wife. The woman (Novak) is seemingly possessed by the ghost of someone long since dead, and Scotty must rescue her before it is too late.
Gates at 7 pm. Film at 8:30pm. $10 donation tickets available at gate.
dj jun spins before and after the show.

June 2nd

From the website:
Haunted by his past, Glenn Ford starts a new life as the tough manager of a South American casino. He’s happy, that is, until Gilda arrives. Rita Hayworth stars in one of the sultriest roles of any screen siren. One of the most iconic films, Gilda is bursting with snappy dialogue, sexy dance numbers and noir intrigue.

June 16th
Rebel Without A Cause

From the website:
Ray's masterpiece of teenage rebellion stars the incomparable james dean as the new kid in town. los angeles locations, hot rod culture and forbidden love embellish this timeless classic. sal mineo and natalie wood are stellar as dean's only friends in his unfamiliar and dangerous surroundings.
Gates at 7 pm. Film at 8:30pm. $10 donation tickets available at gate.
dj john tripp spins before and after the show.

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